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It means: beginning to happen or develop.

Creators of Health Tech

We believe in using technology to protect life.
We love what we do. We'd love to help you with what you do.

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Tools That Help You

We focus on cutting edge risk and safety technology

Automated Risk Management

Our integrated ARMS platform provide an increase in emergency response times, overall efficiency and transparency.

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We provide a platform with which you can track and dispatch your patrollers, your emergency responders and even your staff. Provide location specific reaction to client requests.

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Lives Matter

Our products are designed to prevent injury to people and property. We do this by connecting responders to clients, real-time: through our platform.

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Cutting Edge R&D

We do R&D and rapid prototyping for Insurers and Emergency Responders (Medical, Fire and Armed Response). Our offerings make sense for companies interested in managing and responding to risk.

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Our Services

Emergency Response

We focus on Emergency response technology

Scalable Solution Design

We design software solutions that can grow with your business


Enhance your communication platforms


We analyze and audit technology stacks & software licensing

Worfklow Redesign

Reduce paper wastage, automate process flow


We offer consulting services

Careers at Incipient

We are currently looking for the following:

Developer at panicHERO ( www.panicHERO.com)

We are looking for permanent development staff for our revolutionary emergency response plaform.

The following skills will count in your favor:
Software development ( Java/ C++/ Objective C).
HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript.
Problem- solving skills.
Ability to follow orders and commit to deadlines.
Out- off- the- box kind of thinking ability.
An ability to make things happen, despite the obstacles.
Send a CV and cover letter to: info@incipient.co.za.

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